416 Preston Street, Ottawa Ontario (map)
(613) 564-2222
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(613) 564-2222

With a heavy heart we are saying "Good Bye"!
Due to various circumstances, including family health and the end of our lease, we have decided to close our doors after 20 incredible years.
This decision was a hard one to make, but we feel the right one for this moment.
We want to thank all of our customers for supporting our family-run establishment over the years.
You became a part of our family.
We have cherished all the spent greeting, talking, laughing while sharing our meals.
We wish everyone health and happiness in the future, as we all slowly transition into a "new normal."

Closed during Covid-19
Hello Friends!

We have closed our doors until further notice. In this unprecedented time, we have found much support, kindness, and connectedness with you our loyal customer base in the days leading up to the closure.
We will keep you posted on Instagram and our Facebook site going forward.

Stay calm, be kind, and watch out for each other.

Bob and the Stoneface Dolly's Family

Group Booking Service Charge
When you book for a group of 12 or more a service charge/gratuity of 18% is added to either the group total or individual bills. Please let your server know when seated how you wish to pay.
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